Friday, April 24, 2015

Revit 2016 - New Door Content

The What's New documentation for Revit 2016 doesn't mention this but if you look closely you'll find that it provides new door families separated into Residential (19 each) and Commercial (16 each) folders. The residential doors all use Type Catalogs except for the two garage doors (you can see them in the second image below). Revit 2015's Doors folder has 31 doors and Revit 2016 provides 35 (and another 12 you'll see below, for total of 47).

The Single-Flush family you can see in the image above is the same one we've had in past door content. Interestingly I don't see it in the library so I imagine it's a left-over from the stock template. This is what the residential doors look like in 3D with Detail Level: Fine.

The new doors feature nested hardware (visible with Detail Level: Fine) and new options, such as Swing Angle (doors that swing), Panel Open (pocket doors), Show Grill, Masonry Frame, Threshold and Masonry Inset. Those are just the ones I've noticed so far. They aren't available in every door, just those that the options make sense for. For example, in this image you can see a pocket door is selected and it has a Panel Open parameter, the image shows it is open.

This image shows a couple options for the single full glass door; Swing Angle and Show Grill.

When you switch Detail Level to Fine you can see the hardware and some families have additional trim. This image shows the hardware and a pair of separate sidelight families. I didn't take the time to see if I could make them fit the adjacent doors better.

These are the new Commercial door families, there are Type Catalogs for all but one of them (Door-Passage-Uneven-Flush).

This is what they look like in plan and 3D views. I've loaded and placed one type from each family.

There are door families (12 each) on their own within the Doors folder and several use Type Catalogs (6 each). You'll also find the three Curtain Panel Doors we are used to seeing in the library though they've been renamed a little. In fact all doors now include Door- as a prefix to declare their category. The curtain panel doors are always a source of confusion because they are doors in a door folder that can only be placed in the model by swapping them for a curtain panel.

They've also provided Hardware families in a separate folder, which are the families used on the doors that feature hardware.

I think they overlooked the Bi-fold (closet style) door families that are in the previous library, I don't see an equivalent version among the new doors.

I should also mention that these new doors don't resolve the Copy/Monitor issue with Walls and Openings. You can see in the upper wall at the right end that the pocket door has generated a much larger opening in the wall than it really should.

The only door families that create proper openings with C/M are those that use nested families for all the geometry and only the opening is defined in the host family. These new doors aren't built that way.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Restore All Excluded Intermittent Ribbon Button

This is an odd one, seeing it in 2014, 2015 and 2016...

Three of these four instances of a quad workstation Group have had Elements Excluded. The group has both possible seating positions included for each workstation and I can just exclude the one I don't need. When I select one group I get the Restore All Excluded button on the ribbon.

When I select two groups I don't get the Restore All Excluded button on the ribbon...sometimes. It's not there in this image but several times it did show up.

When I select three groups I get the Restore All Excluded button on the ribbon...again sometimes.

If it's any consolation, the right-click Restore All Excluded works everytime.

Here's a video...

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wish - Copy, Rotate and Mirror Sub Elements

I really wish I could copy Split Line or Point while using Modify Sub Elements. It's really quite silly that I have to sketch or pick to place these things over and over (and this is a 2016 no joy there either).

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Revit 2016 - Multiline Text Follow Up

Tom kindly shared some more images and thoughts on this subtle new feature that Autodesk even forgot to mention. Tom's images do all the talking, thanks Tom!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Revit 2016 - Multiline Text Parameter Type

Tom Dorner wrote to me to share what he observed while he has been getting acquainted with Revit 2016. It's a new Type of Parameter called Multiline Text.

When you see it in the Properties Palette it offers up a small Browse button. Tom commented that he thought it would be better if it was an Edit button like the one that Model Text use, I'm inclined to agree.

Clicking the browse button opens the Edit Text dialog.

I'm still waiting for my download to finish so I can get it installed myself and check it out more closely. I'm curious how it will behave if the parameter is used in a schedule or tag. I haven't seen any evidence that Autodesk is taking credit for this addition in the What's New information they've made available so far.